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Anne K. a noté 5/5

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Catherine D. a noté 4/5

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Rosanna T. a noté 3/5

I liked the ambience and the decor, and the servers were very good. But, the boeuf tartare was the worst I’ve ever had. It was so over seasoned and sweet but I couldn’t eat it. The onion soup gratinee was just OK it could’ve been prepared more expertly. And the glass of white wine was actually a thimble of wine. I would steer anyone away from this place.

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Le Bistrot du Peintre a repondu à cet avis, Há 24 dias

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. If a dish is not at your convenience, you must tell the server, we replace it immediately to suit you, not everyone has the same taste, it does not pose any problem, the satisfaction of the customer above all. Regarding wine, the glasses are dosed at 12.5cl as indicated on the wine list, we offer a good quantity in pot (46cl) also. Very cordially The Painter’s bistro team


Luce C. a noté 4/5

The food and venue are great! The waiters were friendly, but due to some mistake we waited a long time for our food and when it finally came it was incomplete and it took even longer. However it was a busy day and they made up for it by giving us free dessert! Overall a very nice restaurant, would definitely go here again!

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Jenni G. a noté 4/5

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Jonathan J. a noté 4/5

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Murielle T. a noté 4/5

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Camille R. a noté 5/5

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Helene S. a noté 5/5

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Kerry M. a noté 2/5

The food was not carefully prepared. My husband ordered andouillette with a vegetable purée. The purée was cold and sent back only to be returned cold again. Eventually the whole plate was re-prepared and presented satisfactorily but 30 minutes after my dish. The staff were obliging and we were not charged for our aperitif as compensation. Had been a favorite restaurant, probably won’t return.

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